"What do I get with a 'photo session'?"

Every photo session gets all of the final images, edited and unwatermarked. You will get your own private online gallery where you can download the images and even send them to your friends. These images are NOT print friendly, but you get a heavily discounted (%40 off retail) price on professionally printed images (printed through a private company in Ohio) along with a specialty package of ALL the images from your photo session printed on 4x6 metallic paper. All prints are archival quality and come in a wide selection of products, paper types, and even have the options of coming to your doorstep already framed and matted.  

The amount of photos that will be produced generally range depending on what type of shoot it is, but at minimum you will receive 25 edited images per 2 hours of shooting time together. 


"I don't feel comfortable in front of the camera & i'm worried about our session, what can I do to help that?"

We all have insecurities, every single one of us, man or woman. I truly believe that Photography has taught us to see the beauty in all things and that in itself has helped us figure out how to make the best of our photo sessions. In every photo session we make sure to include a free 30-45 minute buffer of 'warm-up' time where we will get to know each other and stretch both of our 'creative' and 'model' muscles, and by stretch I mean be incredibly goofy and have some fun. We highly encourage professional makeup artists and hairstyling for woman. No matter how weird this sounds, practice in front of the mirror (or take some really bangin' selfies). Wear clothes that fit well and avoid too busy of patterns. Essentially, feel sexy, look sexy & leave the rest to us! The better you feel about how you look, the better the photos will come out! 


"Does mykel helene visual artistry travel?"

Currently we serve Southern California & the Greater Area of Seattle without charging for flight travel fees. If your location is over 60 miles from 90266 (California) or 98204 (Washington) then we charge $1 a mile over the original 60. If you would like to inquire about traveling further lengths please contact us directly.

"What is the process of setting up a shoot?"

First things first, we will get together somewhere casual where we can go over everything (Coffee anyone?). Once we meet up I will walk you through all the minor details and we will discuss what you would like to get from the photo session. Sometimes when we get together with clients we end up referring them to other photographers since its not always the perfect fit, and we want to make sure that you are happy with whatever photos you get (whether they're ours, or someone else's). Other times, we end up scrolling on Pinterest together until the coffee shop has to kick us out (because who doesn't love getting lost on Pinterest?!) 

If we don't get TOTALLY distracted by Pinterest, I will show you examples of previous work done, along with print samples and other fun things. You will be sent home with some homework (contracts to protect the both of us for you to study up on) and it will be completely up to you whether you want to move forward to book a session or not.




OKAY, you've made it this far! I'm so impressed that you read all that! Kudos! 


Our current rate is 175 an hour with a 2 hour minimum! This includes a free 30-45 minute warm up session, all of your images edited and uploaded to a private gallery, and 4x6 prints of each final image. 


For events our rates are 175 an hour with no time minimum, but any event 2+ hours gets a free self running Photo Booth that allows your guests to truly show their personality. Don't worry! We will still be running around capturing the event for you so you can socialize and have some fun! 


Animal portrait rates are currently $125 an hour with NO minimum! 1 hour sessions get 10 free 4x6 prints, anything with 2+ hours get ALL of their final images printed on 4x6's. Animals need warm-up sessions too, so this includes 15-30 minutes to get to know your pet & their personality.

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