Be guided through a wonderful photographic journey with the available light. Mykel's experience in portraits and Equine sports have given her plenty of time to work in natural light and learn how to mold it to give you a product or portrait that you LOVE!



 While many photographers shudder at the idea of shooting in a dark venue or at a night time party, Mykel instead embraces the avalible light. With the skills taken from touring with bands and shooting in dark dingy venues she has learned how to accentuate the subject in not-so-ideal circumstances.



Whether you are looking to book a photographer for products, real estate, parties, or family portraits, feel confidence in your choice & know that you have hired a 'people-person' who is skilled at her Art & Craft. Having people skills is part of the job, know that your clients/family/friends won't feel awkward or put off by the 'weird person with the camera'!

Natural Light portraits taken for client 'To The Wind' before a show in Albuquerque, NM.

Live portraits taken with 'on camera flash' and 'off camera flash' for clients 'To The Wind' at two different dark venues.